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Past Events

The Tri-state Obesity Society organizes regular events to promote opportunities for education and networking among individuals interested in obesity medicine. 

ROOTs: Nutrition 2023

2023 updates on the latest in nutrition science

Invited Speaker(s):

Douglas Lambert, MD, MPH

ROOTs: Bariatric Surgery 2022

2022 updates on types of bariatric surgery, short and long term complications

Invited Speakers:

Kamraan Madhani, MD 

ROOTs: Obesity Pharmacotherapy

2022 updates on obesity pharmacotherapy including tips about off-label prescribing and highlights on emerging agents like tirzepatide

Invited Speakers:

Sindhura Kolli, MD and Holly Lofton, MD 

ROOTs: Nutrition

2022 updates in nutrition for obesity medicine includes review on energy-restricted diets and newest data for intermittent fasting and macronutrient-based diets

Invited Speakers:

Douglas Lambert, MD, MPH

Jamie Kane, MD

ROOTs: Pediatric Obesity Medicine

2022 updates in pediatric obesity medicine includes new FDA-approved medications, effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, and anticipated changes in the guidelines

Invited Speakers:

Jessica Williams, MD

Darlene Abbate, APRN

ROOTs: Exercise Physiology

An introduction to exercise physiology covering concepts like the fitness pyramid, VO2 max, lactate threshold, and more.

Invited Speaker:

Polly Demille, RN, MA, ACSM-CEP, CSCS, USAT-1

ROOTs: Pharmacotherapy

A review of FDA-approved anti-obesity medications and strategies for individualizing regimens.

Invited Speakers:

Sindhura Kolli, MD

Holly Lofton, MD

ROOTs: Nutrition

A comprehensive, evidence-based review of landmark studies behind calorie-restricted and macronutrient-based diets for weight loss, with a foray into emerging microbiome research.

Additional Reading

Invited Speakers:

Jamie Kane, MD

Doug Lambert, MD, MPH

Jennifer Rajkumar, MD

ROOTs: Pediatric Obesity Medicine

A review of the epidemiology and presentation of pediatric obesity as well as expert society guidelines on the lifestyle, medication, and bariatric surgery management options. 

Invited Speakers:

Jessica Williams, MD

Nancy Trout, MD

Obesity Medicine Virtual Career Panel

Three physicians discuss their experiences as obesity medicine practitioners in private practice, academia, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Invited Speakers:

Bijal Dave, MD

Rameck Hunt, MD

Amy Articolo, MD

ROOTs: Physical Activity

Dallas Obesity Society joins us in a comprehensive review of the evidence behind exercise and its role in health and weight management.


Invited Speakers:

Kieran Feeley, MD

Richa Mittal, MD

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Obesity Medicine in the Age of Telehealth

Learning points from collated clinical resources and experiences direct us in optimizing the delivery of obesity management via telehealth


Invited Speakers: 

An Chen, MD

Reshmi Srinath, MD

TriOS Inaugural Event

Internists, family medicine doctors, endocrinologists, pediatricians, and surgeons came from NY, NJ, CT, and PA to celebrate the TriOS launch. Supported in part by Novo Nordisk. 

Invited Speaker(s):

Sarah Barenbaum, MD

S. Sindhura Kolli, MD

Doug Lambert, MD

Ilana Prior Redmond, MD

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